Snapchat redesign problems for publishers

Snapchat’s latest redesign separates friend content from publisher content with a focus on maintaining user relationships on the platform. The move has seen heavy criticism as private messages and friends snaps are mixed into the same feed making it confusing for users. Publisher content is being moved out of the main feed, brands will now need to pay-to-play a lot more in order to achieve the same level of reach they had previously. Currently the app is suffering with many users giving the re-design one or two stars. In addition to this, the new algorithm developed means snapchat has more control over what is shown to users instead of publishers – making it even more difficult to engage with audiences effectively.

Facebook’s latest update means greater 3D opportunities

Facebook have released support for the GITF 2.0 file format, an industry standard in 3D interactive modelling which will see more frequent, highly detailed interactive posts surface this year. Although 3D interactivity is not new to the platform (having been integrated to the platform last year), the new update allows for more high quality 3D art that includes detailed textures and lighting effects. The new update is only scratching the surface on what is next on the horizon for Facebook, with the company already developing ways to include more engaging/realistic 3D graphics and animations, mixing with 3D augmented reality.

Facebook updates its ad metrics

Facebook have removed 20 outdated ad metrics to assist and provide advertisers with more transparency and clarity in their reporting metrics. The new update comes after two years of complaints from advertisers for more clarity surrounding its metrics. New metrics such as ‘estimated’ are calculated by using data modelling or sampling and would be used to provide insights around difficult to measure targets. ‘In development’ metrics are currently being tested, meaning their results may change as Facebook continues to update its methodologies. The new metrics are a welcomed sign for advertisers in order to further understand how effective their digital strategies are using the platform.

New analytics tools rolled out to win influencers on Snapchat

Snapchat are testing new reporting metrics on select influencers as part of its ‘Official Stories’ program. The new tool available is promising for influencers, giving them greater visibility of their audience and story effectiveness. Following feedback from influencers who want to see how many people they are reaching, and how many people are viewing their post, the new update provides greater opportunities for influencers to partner with brands. Being able to view audience breakdowns in greater detail will help influencers to sell to brands in sponsoring their stories creating new opportunities for influencers and brands on the platform.