Facebook tests new creator program


Facebook is testing a product program built around creator needs in a bid to make its platform more appealing to influencers and content creators.  Facebook is trialling two different revenue-generating tools, one which allows creators to sell themselves to advertisers and brands for branded-content opportunities and two, a monthly payment option where fans can pay creators to gain access to exclusive content and labels that identifies them as a top fan. Watch this space as Facebook looks to win brands and influencers back to the platform.

Instagram quote storying

Instagram tests ‘Quote-Storying’ capabilities

Instagram is currently testing an official reshare function within ‘Stories’ that enables users to quickly reshare posts without having to screenshot and upload them. This could be promising for brands in using Stories to cross-promote ad campaigns, drive extra Likes and comments and gain greater visibility on Instagram’s feed ranking algorithm. ‘Quote-Storying’ could assist in keeping feeds relevant, offering impactful viral discover mechanisms for creators asking fans to reshare their posts. Brands need to watch this space in utilising Instagram within their digital marketing strategies.

Twitter combating spam

Twitter’s plot to combat spam comes with a price

In a move to combat spam and bot activity on the platform, Twitter from March 23 will no longer allow simultaneous tweets across multiple owned accounts containing identical content. For Social Media Managers this means rethinking their digital strategies in how they utilise company owned accounts. The move is likely to impact larger organisations and media publishers who have multiple owned accounts that share content regularly. Currently re-sharing content across owned accounts is the main work around for Social Media Managers, however Twitter has made it clear that, “aggressive or high-volume automated retweets are not permitted.”

Instagram vanishing update

Instagram’s latest vanishing update

Instagram’s latest update is allowing users to have more control over their Direct messaging content. Direct messages now have a range of different options in how they distribute content privately from posts remaining permanently or disappearing after a single viewing. In addition to this there are more options for post duration as well from ‘view once,” “allow replay,” or “keep in chat.” This recent Instagram update is another copy-cat feature from Snapchat, however, the platform does not pretend to be original anymore, instead building upon great ideas and improving them for their audience.

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