Social Impact Evaluations

Social impact evaluations are critical to better understanding the long-term, social value of proposed major initiatives/projects on communities, families and individuals.

The Social Impact Evaluation is a rigorous, research based, unbiased assessment of the positive and negative social impacts that can result from an initiative or project. An SIE offers solutions to appropriately mitigate risk and offers enhancements to gain greater social benefit for the stakeholders.

Whether you are building a new hospital or implementing significant reform, the aim of the social impact evaluation is to evaluate the proposed project or preferred solution to determine the level of anticipated social licence and stakeholder acceptance.

Through a thorough analysis, decision-makers are equipped with the information to create impactful socio-economic value, while also effectively communicating the anticipated changes to the community – instilling trust and strengthening organisational reputation.

Phillips Group leads the industry with our tested and trusted methodology for social impact evaluation. We also have a reputation for setting new benchmarks in stakeholder engagement and issues management.


  • Facilitation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Community consultation
  • Co-design
  • Business case writing
  • Risk Analysis
  • Impact identification
  • Impact technical assessment
  • Strategy
  • Strategic narrative development