Amazon outsells Twitter and Snapchat in Ad revenue

Amazon wins

The latest Ad revenue figures are out and there is a new player in the top four – Amazon, only three ad platforms out rank Amazon which are Google, Facebook and Oath.

What is key to Amazon’s success?

So, what is the key to their success and how did they outplace major social media platforms such as Twitter and Snapchat? Amazon has seen rapid growth through its ad model features with placements on its website within search results, custom display banners and suggestions to compliment a purchase. In addition to this the platform also utilises ads displayed across third-party websites and is considering opening up the platform to Alexa and Prime Video. The majority of the ad revenue comes from ads placed on the site itself and works effectively as the user is already engaged with a high purchase intent which is a major difference when compared to Twitter and Snapchat. The company will be the most important and valuable space on the web for brands, marketers and businesses because of your position at the bottom of the sales funnel.

The research

Bloom research states that “55% of online searches for products begin and end on Amazon,” which is massive for digital strategies moving forward. With the U.S company’s recent introduction into the Australian market it is only a matter of time before we see brands, marketers and businesses start shifting their digital spend to an Amazon focused strategy.


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