Property & Construction

The property and construction industry is facing a number of challenges with rising project costs, skilled labour shortage, capital supply constraints and global economic factors all impacting the sector significantly.

We have provided services ranging from high-level risk, issues and crisis strategies on sensitive projects with complex stakeholder relationships, to intensive grass-roots marketing communication and project marketing support.

Our approach recognises: that there is an immediate need to capture accurate and timely information within the pre-bid strategy; opportunities to position your company favourably are leveraged; and that the value-set is robust, sustainable and aligned to your client’s objectives.

Phillips Group has implemented successful campaigns for a range of projects involving stakeholder engagement for all project stages from business case to approval; through development and construction, to marketing, launch and ongoing management and promotion.


  • Strategies to gain project approval, community and stakeholder acceptance
  • Marketing, digital and media strategies
  • Issues and crisis management
  • Events
  • Collateral
  • Web development.