Five design trends for 2023

2023 is set to bring a futuristic flair to branding, print and digital design, according to InDesignSkills*.

A sci-fi statement, alongside bold fonts, colourful gradients and immersive photography will bring us fresh, relevant and cutting-edge designs set to inspire many rebrands across the globe.

5 inspiring graphic design trends for 2023 include:

Photographic branding

This is about putting people first and giving brands an identity people can relate to. This doesn’t mean the 2022 trend of illustrations is out – designers will blend illustrations and 3D graphics into photography to create immersive, stand-out designs.


3D avatar illustrations, glitch-style photography and matrix-style digital effects will be on the rise in 2023, giving a nod to the online VR-generated universe.

Sci-Fi logos

As the consumer’s attention is focused on sustainable, energy-saving, tech-centric products, it’s no wonder logos are doing their part to align with these ideals by incorporating a futurist, sci-fi approach to communicate a digital future.

Commanding type-faces

The return of the Sans Serif, distorted type, flared fonts and condensed typography will rein in 2023 to create commanding, bold and impactful designs.

Bold colour palettes

The concept of ‘minimal vintage’ isn’t about looking vintage or retro – this is about being creative with colour palettes that evoke the style of a particular decade.

Moving away from neons and neutral tones, 2023 will also see the rise of rich crimson, autumn palettes with burnt orange and forest green reining supreme.

Finally, liquid gradients will make designs pop and give them an attention-grabbing, futurist feel.

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* InDesignSkills 2022, The 10 Most Inspiring Graphic Design Trends for 2023, accessed 30 November 2022,