Three tips to designing standout social media content


Designing social media content that works for your brand and is visually appealing is a challenge all companies face. Three tips to designing standout social media content are:

1. Be consistent with your brand guidelines

All designs, images, videos and posts should be recognisable as your brand. Create a visual brand guide by deciding on what imagery you want to share.

Select a filter to unify your photographs and choose a colour range and font style to create consistency and cohesiveness for all graphics and videos across your brand’s social media platforms.

2. Draw inspiration from others but always be original

Ensure your brand guidelines are original so people can recognise visuals as your own. Focus on what’s true to your brand to ensure your social media reflects who you are as a brand and business.

When jumping on a relevant trend (e.g. sharing an image for social impact), we recommend creating your own image but using the trending hashtag or phrase in your caption. This will ensure your theme is not broken visually.

3. Keep it simple

Do not overcomplicate designs; learn to be simplistic while still providing engaging content that resonates with the audience.

Designs can always be expanded later; however it is important to keep it simple to begin with. Start with one or two design templates and see what resonates with your audience.

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