Three ways to grow organic reach on social media

Organic reach

Brand’s organic reach on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram are declining, largely due to algorithm changes that focus on interaction with family and friends, showing less from brands and publications. Organic reach is critically important to a brand’s social media success, because it represents the number of people who have viewed a post through unpaid distribution. Below are three ways brands can use to help improve your organic reach online and maintain referral traffic numbers.

1. Understand the algorithm

Organic reach is very dependent on social media algorithms due to the fact that the platforms themselves ultimately determine what users see in their news feeds. The algorithm is designed to bring users the most relevant content, which regularly gives preference to posts from family and friends over brands and paid content. Each platform has its own nuances when it comes to how content is distributed. Therefore, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the unique formulas on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and be able to apply them to your brand’s social media content and marketing.

2. Feature user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is arguably the most effective way to generate earned marketing on social media. UGC has become the go-to for brands to connect with their audience on a more meaningful level. According to a recent survey by Stackla, “beyond being seen as the most authentic, user-generated content is also the most influential content consumers reference when making purchasing decisions”. UGC provides an independent, third party endorsement that legitimises a product or service, leaving consumers confident in your brand.

3. Remain consistent in your posting

Consistency is key to growing your brand’s organic reach on social media. If you are not posting regularly you will not create a clear path of communication. To increase your organic reach, stay consistent in your posting frequency, messaging and the look and tone of your social media accounts. In order to grow your brand’s organic reach on social media, you must concentrate on engaging and serving your unique audience. By following these three ways your brand’s organic reach will increase.


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