Smart Cities Plan uses social media data to measure impact of urban policy

The Australian Government’s Smart Cities Plan: National Cities Performance Framework has utilised professional networks such as LinkedIn as one indicator to measure the progress of Australia’s largest cities. The metrics have been based on data collected by LinkedIn, which allows the government to see what type of skills are based in each city and the types of contacts they have. More regional cities have more closed networks, whereas larger cities have more international contacts. In Australia, nine million people (75% of Australia’s working population) are on LinkedIn, which will provide a great resource in the future development of Australian cities.

woman taking a photo with her phone

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram disrupts influencer marketing

Facebook rolls out the ability for influencers to turn paid content into sponsored posts tagging brands that they are working with. This action allows brands to boost Facebook posts with the influencer and understand the data associated with each post. However, the main concern for brands is that Facebook’s algorithm eliminates organic reach of influencer’s posts if brands do not pay to boost it. A significant shift in strategy is required for brands and influencers to compete and ensure tailored content is being produced by influencers across a range of social platforms.

Virtual reality headset in use

VR to revolutionize staff training and increase engagement and retention

Virtual Reality training has grown in popularity and is now part of large organisations’ recruitment strategies. The technology has been used to train staff across a range of industries from hospitals, coal mines, retail, sports and many more. VR is showing promise as an effective tool with the capacity to create environments that are engaging and exciting.

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YouTube launches new app and redesign

Creating video content is a must for any effective content marketing efforts. However, creating and optimising video for mobile has raised significant challenges for creators. YouTube’s latest update gives marketers the ability to produce video content in whatever format they find most convenient, which should see a greater viewing experience overall.