Powerful Partnership – #WorldcomStrong global network

At Phillips Group, our philosophy is our clients can expect deep client relationships, executional excellence and innovative thinking.

An integral part of our client offering is our global network connections and insights as a founding partner of the world’s leading communication partnership, The Worldcom Public Relations Group.

There are undeniable benefits for us and our clients working collaboratively through a global PR network as large and influential as Worldcom. With 132 offices in 115 markets across six continents, employing over 2000 staff our clients have access to experts in every corner of the globe.

During challenging times, like the ones we are currently facing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, having access to global and local insights and knowledge and the security of a strong and independent global network is a real benefit to us and our clients.

#WorldcomStrong key benefits:

  • Access to knowledge and industry professionals which allows us to draw on a wider pool of expertise, experience, skills, trends and networks to support our clients
  • We work with our global partners to build the most innovative strategies and ways of thinking to provide clients with ground-breaking ways of addressing complex challenges
  • The ability to remain independent while having access to a global, respected and credible network.

Phillips Group is very proud to be a founding partner of the Worldcom Public Relations Group.