How video is reshaping advertising on Twitter

Video is reshaping advertising 

Immersive and engaging visual content is proving time and time again that it is the way to go for marketers who want to hold the attention of consumers, and better communicate their brand messaging.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that video advertising has quickly become the best performing content marketing medium on Twitter. Earlier this month, Twitter published new platform video statistics, as well as tips to help brands get the most out of their on-platform video efforts.

Twitter video statistics for brands to consider

  • Video is Twitter’s faster growing advertising, outperforming photo and text posts
  • Video views have grown x2 in the last 12 months, with approximately 1.2 billion video views on Twitter per day
  • Tweets featuring video see 10x more engagement than tweets without video
  • Promoted Tweets with videos save more than 50% on cost-per-engagement

To capitalise on these insights and use video to your advantage, Twitter recommends:

Promoted videos

  • Allow brands to promote a video that has previously been shared on Twitter. These videos automatically play when shown in a person’s timeline; this is often used when the marketing objective is to create a ‘video views’ campaign, where goals and objectives are measured by the number of times the video is played.

Video Website Cards

  • Pair an auto play video with a website link, prompting users to visit your website. This ad format delivers a 2x higher click through-rate than standard mobile video and ad benchmarks boost user retention more than 60% according to Twitter. This is because “people are watching the video while the site loads” Twitter claims.

In-Stream Video Ads

  • Are advertisements played at the beginning of one of Twitter’s 200+ content partners’ videos. Twitter recommends brands to run pre-roll video content to align with brand-safe, premium content (such as highlights) that customers are already watching.

To maximise your Twitter video ads, Twitter advises the following

  • Keep it mobile friendly by using closed captions or subtitles (for users watching without sound) and test all videos on a mobile before publishing.
  • Videos must have a call-to-action to capitalise on the fact that they attract a 2x higher click-through rate than mobile video ad benchmarks.
  • Ensure tweets are kept short as short tweet copy has a 13% higher brand and message recall and overall view time.


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