Adapting to the changing algorithm

Facebook’s algorithm update

Facebook’s algorithm update in January has caused many marketers, businesses and brands to go back to the drawing board in how they engage with their audiences effectively on the platform. In January 2018, Facebook made a major announcement to their algorithm following feedback from its users. The result found users were being overexposed to “passive content”, resulting in a poor user experience.

User reasons for signing up to Facebook:

  • Keeping up to date with family and friends
  • Entertainment

However, research has shown that no matter how in depth and extensive strategies may be, successful accounts all lead to back to one thing – High quality content.

How do I adapt to the algorithm changes?

So, how do you stay on top of all the social media algorithm changes? Firstly, start with a set library of quality industry related sources to keep informed and up to date. Watch Twitter lists, subscribe to industry newsletters, listen to social media podcasts and set up Google Alerts. Then, focus on developing high quality content. Ensure your team is conducting audience research, testing a variety of messages and images, and regularly revising your content strategy.

Should businesses revisit content strategies after every major algorithm update?

Good strategies should not be reliant on algorithms, as there are alternatives to ensure your business is still heard. Allocating a budget for paid content is an easy and safe way to secure and maintain a positive position on any platform. Algorithm changes require brands and companies to become more creative and adaptable in how you achieve your goals.

Tips for securing your company from losing reach?

Create great content and experiment with changes, budget for paid promotions and start developing influencer relationships. The most successful forms of content on social media are behind the scenes photos and videos, company culture glimpses and educational content.

So, how will your company adapt with the continuing landscape of algorithm changes? With social media continuing to become more and more unpredictable, one thing is for certain, good content will always remain king.


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