Facebook Pages – Best Practice Guide [Report by Worldcom Group]

How to manage Facebook pages 

How to manage Facebook pages for technology companies and keep control over content, user engagement and customer support.  We are often asked by our clients for guidance on how to manage Facebook pages for tech companies.

As a result we asked Worldcom Public Relations Group experts, from around the world to provide their advice for best practice in their territory.

The content of this guide is based on the questions answered by our experts in a Webinar. You can listen to the recording of the Webinar by clicking on this link.

We hope you find the Guide helpful. Further Guides will be provided for each of our other Technology Webinars.

Should we have a single Facebook page or one for each territory?

USA – Rory

It really depends on what the company’s business goals are. For instance, if they want to increase sales in a specific region or country, you will require just as much focus on that region as their main regional headquarters. It makes sense to set up a separate Facebook page for a specific region. This is especially important if the audience in that region speaks a different language as you will want to make sure that the message are localised as well as published during their specific peak our on Facebook.

If you decide to set up Facebook pages in different countries and regions, ensure you have a local team that can support and manage the page. This team also needs to be prepared to respond to individuals in that target language.

Germany – Maria

Definitely. Especially in Europe which is more diverse than the US. It is not only important to communicate in the local language, but also important to provide local content, answer questions, or respond to requests.

There is not a “one size fits all” model especially when it comes o social media where you often deal with your audience on a private and personal level. It is essential to know your target in each company and communicate locally with them to show that you care. Wherever possible, we recommend setting up multiple Facebook pages.

If we have country-specific pages, should responses be in the local language?

Italy – Diego

Yes, of course. It is extremely important to show that the brand is close to its customers. Therefore, you must create a relationship with the customer base. In certain countries, such as in Italy, not everybody speaks English therefore you would have to provide answers in Italian.

Even if companies decide to create one global page for all territories, there is an opportunity to localise the content. This is the direction that most big brands are heading towards and I would recommend the same method.

USA – Rory

Absolutely. If you go so far as to create a page for a specific region, you should post messages and responses in the primary language used in that region. Don’t make customers guess or use Facebook translate as it adds another level of difficulty to the interaction. If the person started off frustrated, having to translate a response may only aggravate them. Tailor your response as much as you can; this will create more memorable interaction.

Germany – Maria

Yes, even if the language is the same, you should localise the content. It is important that your customer trusts you. In Europe, you are less likely to build that trust if you adopt a single language global approach.

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