Are you getting value from your Facebook presence?


Today, close to 83% of Australia’s population use social media, with an overwhelming majority spending their time on Facebook (11.56 million). Facebook if used effectively can be a vital tool to enhance your business’ relationship with your customers and clients.

The following tips will help your company receive value out of your company’s presence on Facebook.

1. Start with a plan

A strategic social media plan will deliver valuable customer/client relationships, rather than short-term attention.

Determine what you want to accomplish by using Facebook and how this will help your company achieve your existing business goals. Do you want to?

  •  increase your engagement with your existing customers
  •  increase your exposure to potential customers or clients
  •  establish an online conversation to generate awareness
  •  promote or generate excitement for a new product or service
  •  attract potential employees.

2. Engage with your audience

A successful Facebook Page is one that engages and interests followers. Simple ways to increase engagement:

  • encourage followers to comment on a post or image
  • promote a Facebook Event
  • ensure every post is timely and relevant to your audience
  • adopt a personable persona to encourage interaction with followers
  • post frequently to remain engaging and top-of-mind.

3. Increase your reach on Facebook

Significantly improve your reach by leveraging Facebook’s algorithm, which determines which content will be displayed in each user’s newsfeed, based on the number of likes, tags and shares.

To increase your reach:

  • engage in conversations with followers
  • post engaging images and content
  • use the ‘Pin’ function to extend the longevity of your posts.

 4. Review and improve

Understand how your followers have engaged with your page to determine what has or hasn’t worked. Use Facebook Insights to analyse information including follower base growth, demographics, popular posts and virality of your posts.

Talk to an expert now

With a dedicated digital and online strategy focus, Phillips Group can provide strategic advice and support to review your engagement and identify areas for improvement, and ultimately, ensure your content will reach and engage your followers.