The future of the Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Digital disruption continues to see new roles and titles develop in the modern marketing landscape, resulting in a review of the traditional CMO.

This review has come about as companies and organisations adopt digital technologies such as cloud based systems and improved IT infrastructures, allowing them to better understand areas of improvement of their organisations and develop deeper insights about their customers.

In order to deliver experiences that provide value to the customer (such as remembering who they are, they’re likes and interests etc.) requires significant integration and coordination across multiple business units within sales and marketing, customer service, physical and digital channels.

In order to accommodate these requirements, organisations have developed new roles with a core focus on consumer engagement over every brand or company touchpoint which has distributed traditional CMO responsibilities across new job titles.

These new roles include Chief Customer Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Digital Officer, and Chief Experience Officer. As these new roles develop, the CMO is faced with a number of different questions but most importantly, do they see these new roles as an opportunity or threat to their position? Only time will tell.

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