Mobile performance for marketing

The role of brand advertising is simple – to create a tribe of followers who share the same core beliefs as the brand. In order to understand audiences effectively, traditional marketing metrics such as building awareness and sentiment need to change. With omni-channel experiences becoming the norm for brands to be competitive, performance marketing must be utilised as an effective metric of measurement. Advertisers need to think more specifically about actionable outcomes and specific consumer actions, target for value, and analyse what behaviours are bringing the most value.

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Facebook live achieves up to 3x more views than regular videos

Online streaming is expected to grow to more than 80% of all consumer traffic by 2020. People on average, comment ten times more on Facebook Live compared to regular videos, with viewers spending three times longer watching live videos than regular. Audiences appear to enjoy live content more when it’s raw and unpolished, leading to a more authentic experience.

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85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound

The following content marketing statistics by Travis Beauchesne demonstrate key visual content marketing statistics to be aware of:

  • 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound
  • 55% of marketers chose Facebook as their most important social media platform
  • Infographics are shared three times more than any other content
  • Infographics were the biggest increase in use and marketing tactic
  • Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images
  • Over 80% of pins are re-pins compared to 1.4% of tweets retweeted

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Instagram adds new comment control options improving user safety

Instagram has developed new comment control options providing users with the ability to filter who can and can’t comment on posts. Creating and developing closed groups has been a focus for Instagram with 85% of messages shared between the same three people. With cyber bullying becoming a prominent issue, the company is taking the necessary steps to assist those most at risk on the platform to take control.