Instagram now available on third party tools

Facebook have announced changes to the Instagram API which sees scheduled post functionality available to third party platforms. This is a welcome update for businesses who previously have only received alerts from third party platforms notifying users when to manually post instead of posting for them. In addition, Instagram is rolling out two other updates for business profiles, Business Discovery and Mentions. Business Discovery will act as a business directory as users can read the business profile, information and media attached. Mentions display content that businesses have been photo tagged or mentioned in.

Facebook Watch

Facebook begins testing Watch Party

Facebook has begun testing their latest feature Watch Party for users. The update is aimed at groups created by friends that allow members to watch videos together at the same time with comment and interactive features enabled. Within this space, any public video (both live- streaming and pre-recorded) can be viewed. This opens new opportunities for a range of different brands, companies and organisations that can experiment in the types of video content they produce.

The new player in messaging - Apple Business Chat

The new player in messaging – Apple Business Chat

Apple are set to emerge as a new competitor in the mobile messaging market with Apple Business Chat. The new feature works with iMessage and allows consumers to chat directly to businesses through the messaging platform. This allows company service representatives to communicate directly depending on the business needs from offering assistance, making purchases with Apple Pay, and scheduling appointments. With such intense competition, early adoption will be key for the platform to be seen as a top-of-mind choice amongst businesses today.

Instagram tests story sharing on WhatsApp

Instagram tests story sharing on WhatsApp

Instagram is testing a new feature that allows select users to share Instagram stories on WhatsApp. Through the test, users can share photos, videos, and GIFs with all content encrypted and vanishing after 24 hours. As it is currently in its testing phase, users can only start the sharing process in Instagram but must complete the posting via WhatsApp. As stories have proven successful on Instagram for general users, WhatsApp looks to open new doors with a more business friendly focus and approach. Watch this space.