Graphic design trends according to AI

AI is being used across the globe to analyse past data, identify patterns and predict future trends based on these detailed and complex insights.

Using machine learning algorithms, AI is aiding in economic forecasting, climate change modelling and foretelling future consumer expectations – just to name a few.

With all this in mind, we thought we’d have a little fun and ask AI to predict graphic design trends for 2024.

Here’s what AI had to say*. Let’s check back in in a few months from now to see how right (or wrong) it was.


Bold and experimental fonts

Designers may lean towards bold, attention-grabbing fonts to make a statement, especially for headlines and branding.

Mixing Serifs and Sans-Serifs

Combining serif and sans-serif fonts can create interesting visual contrasts, and this trend may continue or evolve further.


Natural and earthy tones

With a growing emphasis on sustainability and nature, we may see a continued use of earthy tones like greens, blues, browns, and muted neutrals.

Gradient and duotone effects

Gradients and duotone colour schemes have been gaining popularity and may continue to do so. They can add depth and visual interest to designs.

Bold and vibrant palettes

For certain applications like web design and branding, bold and vibrant colour choices can help create memorable and striking visuals.  

Monochromatic and limited colour palettes: 

Simplified colour schemes, particularly monochromatic or analogous palettes, can create clean and harmonious designs.

Design elements

Minimalistic and clean designs

The trend of clean, uncluttered design with ample white space may continue, especially for web and app interfaces.

Illustrative elements and custom artwork

Hand-drawn illustrations, custom graphics, and bespoke artwork can add a personal touch and uniqueness to designs.

3D and depth effects

Utilising three-dimensional elements and effects can add depth and visual interest to both digital and print designs.

Asymmetry and broken grid layouts

Non-traditional, asymmetrical layouts can create a dynamic and engaging visual experience.

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* This content has been drafted by AI and is a prediction only