Using the right hashtags for the right channel

Using hashtags is a key tool in increasing post reach on social channels.

Each social media channel has a specific number of hashtags that hits the sweet spot in enabling posts maximum reach and maximum engagement. The following steps outline the key steps to use when hashtaging on the four main social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Keep your hashtags to a minimum (1-2 max)
  • Reduce business pages looking like spam
  • 1-2 hashtags have seen the best engagement – any higher and engagement drops
  • Make sure the post is public – this ensures anyone can see the post
  • Tweets see 21% more engagement with 1-2 hashtags on average
  • Tweets with hashtags generate more retweets – tweets that specifically ask followers to retweet get even more engagement
  • Research shows you will get more ad clicks if you don’t use a hashtag
  • Instagram is not limited to the amount of hashtags you use
  • Always use hashtags on any post on Instagram
  • Posts with 11 hashtags generate the highest levels of engagement
  • Add hashtags to your business profile – this can gain greater visibility across the site
  • Use hashtags in LinkedIn Publisher posts – especially if you write long-form content on LinkedIn
  • Use 1-2 hashtags maximum on LinkedIn for best results