Instagram’s new advertising stories update

Instagram’s latest advertising stories update is set to be a game changer. Brands can now upload creative that is square or landscape and Instagram will automatically transform the content into a native stories format. The format must either be a single photo, or video under 15 sec within the Instagram aspect ratios. Therefore, the process will see stories posts automatically formatted with a background and supporting text from the post using Instagram’s pixel matching technology. As a result, the update  looks to create more engaging advertising content for its users on the platform.

New Facebook Stories update

Facebook’s latest Stories update hosts a new range of stickers following the footsteps of Instagram and Snapchat. Currently, Facebook Stories is low in competition providing a new opportunity for brands to get noticed. The new features will allow users to add weather, locations stickers and tag friends. Facebook Stories is giving users more options and tools on how they use the platform and is just the start. Mark Zuckerberg hinted that even he expects the stories format to overtake the main news feed. Therefore, brands should start testing the stories format before the competition truly sets in.

Twitter unveils ‘Time Stamps’

Twitter have announced a new update that allows users to share live videos that start playing at a specific point determined by the sharer. Known as ‘Timestamps’, users can choose a starting point and share the video where they choose. The post begins playing at the moment shared and is available across completed or live broadcasts still in progress. Finally, this option offers a new way for brands to make better use of their live video content, directing users to regular relevant content.

Facebook’s battle for credibility

Facebook has announced publisher credibility features to the main ‘News Feed’. The update follows research conducted by Facebook and academic and industry partners to evaluate an articles credibility. Articles will have the ability to include publisher’s Wikipedia entry and related articles on the same topic. In addition to this, users will also have the ability to see how many times the article has been shared and where.

Main features
  • More from this Publisher
  • Shared by Friends

‘More from this Publisher’ provides a snapshot of other recent stores by the same publisher. ‘Shared By Friends’ shows people any of their friends who have share the article. Finally, the new update by Facebook is a first step into combating the rise of fake news impacting the industry.