Snapchat expands advertising opportunities for brands

Brands now have more Snapchat advertising opportunities to create, manage and launch dynamic Story ads with the new Shopify ads integration on Snapchat.

Snapchat is broadening its business opportunities and has partnered with commerce platform Shopify.

Shopify allows businesses to manage their marketing alongside store, inventory and sales management to make ad buying simple, allowing businesses to reach more potential shoppers.

This partnership will enable brands on Shopify to purchase ads on Snapchat, and manage their campaigns from within Shopify’s platform.

Businesses can already manage Facebook and Google ad campaigns in the ‘Marketing’ section of the Shopify platform.

Snapchat, like Facebook and Google will now have direct access to Shopify’s 800,000 businesses, likely to give the platform a key boost in ad spend.

For smaller businesses who do not have the budget for large advertising campaigns, this integration will allow them to build and manage Snapchat Story ad campaigns directly through Shopify’s app.

The integration will also give direct access to Snapchat’s younger audience which is likely to hold significant appeal to Shopify businesses.