Podcast: changing the game for brand advertising

Despite the fact that more people listen to podcasts than use Twitter, podcast advertising continues to be underrated as a valuable digital advertising platform that can drive business for brands. According to Worldcom Public Relations Group, 65% of podcast listeners purchase a product or service after hearing about it in a podcast. Consumers use podcasts as a way to find and guide their purchase experience and this is a great opportunity brands cannot afford to overlook. As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, it is critical for brands to tap into this exciting new content-driven advertising space.

Why your business should be advertising on Podcasts:

  • More people listen to podcasts than use Twitter
  • The average podcast listener will listen to seven podcasts a week
  • Podcast advertising spend is projected to hit $500 million USD by 2020

Currently there are over half a million published podcasts covering a wide range of topics. This allows brands to target their specific consumer market by advertising in a podcast discussion that is relevant to your brand. Listeners subscribe and follow podcasts when they enjoy and relate to the discussion topics, forming a connection with the speaker. Delivering your brand messages through a trusted host provides the opportunity for increased engagement by the consumer over that of a regular advertisement. As podcasting listenership continues to grow, it is critical brands utilise the content-driven advertising channel to reach target audiences, connect with consumers and drive business sales.