Is Facebook jobs a better recruitment tool than LinkedIn?

Leaders across the globe have cited employee recruitment and retention as a top challenge to business success, with many turning to social media platforms to connect with new talent.

Given LinkedIn’s primary focus is professional networking, it is not surprising that recruiters place a heavy emphasis of their recruiting efforts onto the platform.

Despite having over two billion monthly users, Facebook Jobs is often overlooked as a recruitment tool.

Overlooking Facebook in a recruitment search means organisations are missing out on the valuable benefits the platform has over LinkedIn.

Two key features on Facebook which recruiters need to consider:

Potential to reach new audiences

LinkedIn focuses on resumes and thought-leadership, which cannot be overlooked in the recruitment process, however Facebook allows recruiters to reach relevant audiences who are not active on LinkedIn. According to Jobcast, over 93% of companies use LinkedIn to connect with and hire new talent, but only 36% of all job seekers have a LinkedIn account. Facebook allows users to share jobs with friends and family that may be of interest or qualified, appealing to a much larger audience, including potential employees who may not be seeking a new job but are open to it.

User-friendly job searching method

The application process is seamless for job seekers with the integration of Facebook Jobs into the platform’s existing features. Job searchers can send their applications through Facebook Messenger simply by clicking “Apply Now”. Facebook then automatically files relevant information from the user’s profile to simplify the application process.

It is clear that social media is the future of the recruitment search, whether it be for direct hire staffing or contract hire and by also using Facebook Jobs potentially extends your recruiting reach.