Facebook tests new ‘Premieres’ video capabilities

Facebook’s new feature 

Facebook has announced they are testing its new video feature ‘Premieres.’ The new format gives creators, publishers and even shows the ability to film pre-recorded footage and publish them ‘live’. This move looks to encourage fans to engage with video content and comment and react in real time on the platform. Once a video has been used in the Premiere format, the video will then convert to a normal video on demand on Facebook. Although ‘Premieres’ is currently being tested among a select group, the company has plans for a more broad rollout in the near future.

Reddit on track to become next major platform for brands

The latest data released by Reddit shows the company has matched Twitter with 330 million active users each month. The platform has seen a dramatic increase of 30% in usage over the last six months, prompting a host of new updates to attract brands to the platform. User profiles, conversion tracking and data improvements, improved campaign structures and an expansion of their Promoted Posts ad option are some of the major actions taken. The platform boasts significant advantages compared to other social platforms with the average time spent on Reddit equating to 15 minutes and only 11 seconds on Twitter.

Facebook meets the higher GDPR standards with latest privacy update

In response to serious criticism following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has announced new and improved privacy tools and settings to the platform. The recent update looks to emphasise user control over privacy settings and is providing as much information as possible regarding how user data is being used and the ability for users to determine how much information they are disclosing. Facebook has expressed that their privacy standards comply to the higher standards put in place by the GDPR. It is apparent that Facebook has completely overhauled their system to make it easier for users to understand what information is being used and opt-out of any targeting elements they feel are too much.

Facebook hints at ‘Upvote’ and ‘Downvote’ capabilities

Back in February, reports first surfaced that Facebook was testing a new option which allowed users the ability to ‘ Upvote’ or ‘ Downvote’ posts. The purpose of the feature is simple – to drive off-topic, offensive or inappropriate content off the site. There are already talks that if the option is rolled out, that it may change the way users interact and engage with the platform altogether. The ‘Upvote’, ‘Down Vote’ feature could signal user endorsement or dislike for each comment and potentially shift over towards general posts about other Facebook activity.


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