Facebook targets blue collar workers with new ‘Job Post’…

Facebook is opening new opportunities within the recruitment market with a main focus on blue-collar workers. Businesses can post job opportunities through the new jobs tab on company pages, Jobs dashboard, Facebook Marketplace, and News Feed that can be promoted with ads. Users can discover openings, auto-fill applications with Facebook accounts and schedule interviews through Messenger. Currently the job roll-out is available in 40 countries and opens new opportunities in finding the right talent quickly.

Snapchat redesign backfires

Snapchat responds to redesign complaints

The recent Snapchat redesign has not been well received by its users with many leaving the app for Instagram or leaving bad reviews. Currently there is a petition called ‘Remove the new Snapchat update’ with users wanting the previous design back. Snapchat have responded by saying ‘users need time to adjust’ but not everyone is convinced with major stars on the platform like Kylie Jenner, and Chrissy Tiegan already voicing their disapproval for the app. It will be interesting to see what Snapchat does next, watch this space.

Vero already under fire

‘Vero’ the Instagram competitor already under serious fire

It was meant to be the next big thing in social media, an ad free, no algorithm, no data mining platform made for the people as an alternative to Facebook and Instagram. However, already the app is turning people away with too many bugs, features that do not work and controversies surrounding the CEO. In addition to this, users trying to deactivate their accounts simply can’t as the app makes it extremely difficult to do so with users having to submit a request to the company first. ‘Vero’ the next big thing in social media? Only time will tell.


New Messenger Business Tools Released

Facebook have released their latest Messenger update with a direct focus on businesses. With more people using messenger platforms than the big 4 social networks, Facebook recognises a major growth opportunity within their Messenger platform. Businesses now have access to tools such as quick replies for contact information, customer chat plugin presentation tools and data and message tags. As bots continue to rise in popularity amongst businesses in further developing customer interactions, it will be interesting to see how Messenger evolves in the coming months.


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