CGI social media influencer challenges how we perceive ‘influencers’

The world’s first CGI social media influencer

CGI social media influencer ‘Miquela Sousa’ is challenging the social media industry in understanding what it really means to be an ‘influencer’ today. From posting selfies to wearing expensive labels, Miquela is a unique experiment in creating an influencer from virtually nothing. Developed by AI company Bud – is it a branding exercise or a new way for brands to engage audiences? Or, could Miquela pave the way for the next type of influencer to regularly appear in our feeds in future? Miquela’s success is certainly an area brands will begin to investigate. With a follower base of 1.1million on Instagram, we may certainly see more virtual influencers appearing on our screens very soon.

How to make VR experiences work for your brand

Get set for VR experiences. It’s nearly two years since the release of the Oculus Rift VR headset – the first device to enable fully immersive experiences for users when entering the world of virtual reality. Currently, almost 7 million virtual reality headsets have been sold worldwide and this number is expected to grow to more than 50 million by 2021. The possibilities with VR are endless as brands leverage this technology to create immersive experiences for their customers whether it be better shopping experiences or developing virtual showrooms and talking with customers in real-time. The possibilities for VR are endless and brands need to start planning their strategy for the medium.

Instagram enables user Stories sharing

Instagram’s new feature enables users to share another user’s post in their stories providing unique opportunities to spread key messages to a wider audience. This recent update reinforces Instagram as the primary channel for story related content. It is likely that Instagram will become the most used platform for sharing story related content in future over Snapchat.

Facebook’s latest stories update

The latest Facebook Stories update enables stories to move beyond full-screen visuals to audio based videos (with a colourful graphic background) and be archived. The audio feature ensures brands and businesses can produce content quickly and engage with their audiences effectively.


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