Three ways can improve your customer experience journey

A company’s relationship with its customers and their customer experience is about much more than improving product ratings or decreasing wait times. Without its customers, a business cannot exist and this is why delivering a great customer experience has become a top strategic objective for Australian companies. Three steps your company can do right now to improve your customer experience are:

1. Create a clear ‘customer-focused’ vision

It is critical this vision is communicated throughout your organisation. Creating a positive culture within your organisation reflects in the behaviour of an employee’s delivery of the customer experience. Every member of your team should have a clear understanding of the customer focused vision and this vision should be embedded into all areas of training and development.

2. Create an emotional connection with your target audience:

Research by the Journal of Consumer Research found that more than 50% of an experience is based on an emotion as emotions shape the attitudes that drive decisions. Customers who become loyal do so because they have an emotional connection with the brand as they remember the positive experience when they interacted with your company.

3. Capture customer feedback in real time:

Capture ‘voice of customer’ (VOC) data to discover what your customers think of your business, product or service. Follow up customers with emails, phone calls, surveys directly after their interaction with your company to gain real time insight. This allows your company to immediately identify if there is a problem within the customer experience journey, and likewise highlights positive experiences.

In today’s technology driven world, customer expectations are higher than ever. Customer experience is an area that must constantly be reviewed, adapted and prioritised within a business. With a greater focus on customer experience strategy, companies will realise a positive impact on customer loyalty, higher retention and increased sales.