Three tips on how to be believable and memorable in your brand positioning

Establishing a believable and memorable brand is arguably more important than the likability of a product.

In today’s digital landscape it has become increasingly important for brands to not only stand out, but be believable and memorable to their audience.

An inability to create a mark in the target audience’s mind will result in the replacement of your brand by alternatives or competitors.

Three tips to improve and build your brand positioning to be believable and memorable

1. Have a consistent brand story

Consumers must be able to identify with a brand’s story in order to understand its values and beliefs.

Harvard Business Review’s research found that 64% of consumers confirmed having shared values are one of the main reasons for trusting a brand.

As consumers latch onto particular aspects of a brand that they resonate with and believe in, representing a brand story is becoming more and more important.

Consistency also provides consumers with a sense of familiarity each time they encounter a brand, making it more memorable and solidifying its believability and their ability to recognise it.

2. Be relatable

To increase the number of interactions and retain more consumer interest, brands can create relatable and approachable content through the use of humanising their communication.

When brands create repetitive and cold content such as self-promotion, it is less likely to hold customers’ interest.

The quality and relatability of each interaction can build brand loyalties and help build a brand’s following.

According to global SEO Review Tool, BuzzStream, 45% will unfollow a brand if their content and activity is dominated by self-promotion.

Brands need to provide interesting, relevant and relatable content, not just self-promotion on owned media, in order to hold consumer interest and develop customer loyalty.

3. Be real: utilise user generated content

User Generated Content (UGC) is more authentic than branded content. According to Social Media Today, 79% of global consumers have stated that UGC highly impacted their purchasing decisions.

Utilising UGC will create truthful and authentic interaction, driving up brands’ believability and creating a trusted relationship between a brand and its consumers.

It is often said that the number of interactions are no longer as important as the quality of the interaction.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, brand positioning, loyalty and sales generation can be achieved with brands driving consistent, relatable and authentic communication, while delivering quality content to their consumers.


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